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CHT is discipleship with horses. ​We don't take horses in training or charge for seminars. CHT uses relationship with horses to mirror the one shared with Jesus Christ.

The pillars of CHT are commitment, focus, worthy leadership, and finding joy in the journey.


Relationship with Jesus Christ is one of focus, obedience, and transformative relationship with Him - not to any cue, cause, or set of behavioral principles.



Participants learn to apply the concepts of CHT with their own horses. Hands on and challenging.

CHT Group Programs

The Amazing Grays Trilogy - review the lessons, concepts, and inspiration of CHT at the pace you prefer. 

Our message "By the BOOKS"

CHT Round Pen Programs

CHT Round pen programs are unique. Teaching worthy leadership that builds faith seldom raises the dust. .

CHT Announcement

Discipleship with horses will be offered by session, not groups! More soon...          

July 1, 2014

Publication date set for "Journey of Joy - Discipleship with horses" 

CHT Group 3 kicks off!

June 21 and July 19th.





Lynn Baber

the Trainer 

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"Discipleship with Horses" now available on Amazon  

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