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"If you're not preaching Jesus, what are you preaching for?" - lyric


Christian Horse Training is different from general horse training in the same way that New Creations in Christ are different from the merely spiritual. ​We don't take horses in training or charge for seminars.


Religion and philosophy center on principles, doctrines, and causes. Relationship with Jesus Christ is one of focus, obedience, and transformative relationship with Him - not to any cue, cause, or set of behavioral principles.

CHT is discipleship with horses.



CHT Groups learn to apply the concepts of CHT with their own horses. Hands on and challenging.

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The lessons, concepts, and inspiration of CHT is available to review at the pace you prefer. Books and more...

Our message "By the BOOKS"

CHT Round Pen Programs

CHT Round pen programs are unique. Teaching worthy leadership that builds faith seldom raises the dust. .

February 2014

Listen to Lynn Baber and Val Heart talk horses and faith.          

April 2014

The new book, "Hands of Mercy" is in edit and will be available soon! Watch for more information!

April 5, 2014

CHT Group One 







Lynn Baber

the Trainer 

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Horse Training

New book coming soon!  

CHT does not take horses in training or charge for services.