Larry and Lynn Baber

Q: What kind of groups might benefit from a CHT speaking program or clinic?

A: Any group interested in building faith that overcomes fear, making complex concepts simple, and whose audience members wish to enhance success, faith, and leadership skills with horse or human. Many invitations come from other ministries or faith-based horse programs. We speak to secular groups as long as they permit a Biblical foundation for simple life truths. Usually they do not.


God's Word is free and so are the clinics.

Q: Why do you begin CHT events with a challenge?

​A: Who seeks a Savior without a need? Who seeks education or wisdom if he or she thinks he knows enough already? When people are asked to do something simple and fail, they begin to look for answers. That's where we find our beginning. The challenge isn't in the concept, but in practical application. Just like the Christian walk.

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"Christian Horse Training (CHT) is the process of creating transformative relationship between human and horse that produces faith strong enough to banish fear and mirrors the journey you share with Jesus Christ.".

Discipleship with Horses (Christian Horse Training)

is an outreach activity of Amazing Grays Ministry.

Discipleship is the proper balance between leadership and followership.  It is the process of fellowship, of growing, and creating opportunities to share the journey of joy in Christ with one another. No one knows everything and no one knows nothing. Discipleship gives everyone the opportunity to teach and the opportunity to learn. 

Every message and technique shared is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Lynn Baber, Christian writer and equine clinician, is a World and National Champion
breeder and trainer, and the author of more than a half-dozen books. 

​Horses provide an opportunity not found elsewhere on earth. Like God, horses are not "respecter of persons." They don't care who you know, how much money you have, or how pretty you are. Like God, horses always treat you exactly as you deserve - unless they show you grace. And horses never lie, to themselves or each other. 

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"Baber" is trail boss and Lynn the clinician. Clinics and programs are usually a joint venture, with Lynn doing most of the horse work. Being equally yoked is a great blessing.